Download I Ship It – Fandom Couple Name Generator LOVE GAME 2.9 APK

Download I Ship It – Fandom Couple Name Generator LOVE GAME 2.9 APK

Need a name for your favorite couple? Worry not! “I Ship It” will generate a ton of ship names for your OTP (One True Pairing). Play with your boyfriend / girlfriend! Generate Ship Names for your friends!

All you need to do is enter two names and I Ship It will mix those names using an advanced algorithm and create a list of unique ship names. It’s very easy and fun!

Generate ship names for your family, friends, coworkers, your own relationship, fictional characters, actors and celebrities! Possibilities are endless!
The app is completely free!


Allura + Lance = Allurance
Lauren + Camila = Camren
Clarke + Lexa = Clexa
Juliana + Valentina = Juliantina
(Maggie) Sawyer + (Alex) Danvers = Sanvers
(Katsuki) Bakugou + (Eijirou) Kirishima = KiriBaku
Cheryl + Toni = Choni
Lotor + Allura = Lotura
Chen + Xiumin = Xiuchen
Jonghyun + Key = Jongkey
Chanyeol + Baekhyun = Baekyeol
– removed “More Apps” section
– smaller app size

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I Ship It - Fandom Couple Name Generator LOVE GAME 2.9 screenshots 1I Ship It - Fandom Couple Name Generator LOVE GAME 2.9 screenshots 2I Ship It - Fandom Couple Name Generator LOVE GAME 2.9 screenshots 3

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Download Pixcyl – Cylinder Icon Pack APK

Download Pixcyl – Cylinder Icon Pack APK

Pixcyl, the ultra-rare hot new cylinder shape with perfectly designed minimalist Pixel inspired styling. Support for all popular launchers with hundreds of wallpapers included.

Easy-to-use Pixcyl dashboard app:
– Auto-apply to your preferred launcher
– Browse, apply, or download over 200 matching wallpapers
– Icon search with categories
– Easily request icons to be themed

– Minimalist Pixel effects in limited edition “cylinder” shape
– Professional highest quality design
– Dynamic calendar (icon changes each day)
– Android O settings shortcut styles
– Alternate icons with new colors and styles
– Alternate popular system styles: Pixel, Nexus, Samsung, HTC, ASUS, LG, OnePlus and more

Pro tips:
– Auto apply to supported launchers, open Pixcyl app → Menu → Apply → Choose launcher
– Send an icon request, open Pixcyl app → Menu → Icon Request → Tap to Send request
– For wallpaper, open Pixcyl app → Menu → Wallpapers → Apply. New wallpapers added frequently.
– Search or find an alternate icon:
1. Long press icon to replace on homescreen → Icon options → Edit → Tap icon → Select Pixcyl → Press arrow on top right to open icons
2. Swipe to access different categories or use search bar to find alternate icon, tap to replace, done!
– GO PRO to further support this project! Just open app and tap GO PRO card. Also removes ads, thank you for your support!

Over 30+ launchers supported:
– Nova, GO, Sony, Mini, Holo, L, Apex, Action Launcher 3, Arrow, Atom, Aviate, Cyanogen, Epic, Evie, EverythingMe, Hola, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Nemus, Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, TSF, Themer, LG Home, CM Theme Engine, Unicon, ZenUI and XGELS
– Other launchers can simply apply from your launcher settings

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Email any issues or questions you may have or contact me on:
– Google+
– Twitter
– Facebook
Over 40+ new icon and premium requests added! Premium requests now implemented, choose between 1, 3, or 5 requests to be added to next update as well as all other packs and future releases. Much more coming soon, thank you for your support!

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Pixcyl - Cylinder Icon Pack  screenshots 1Pixcyl - Cylinder Icon Pack  screenshots 2Pixcyl - Cylinder Icon Pack  screenshots 3

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Free Download Root All Devices – simulator 1.4 APK

Download Root All Devices – simulator 1.4 APK

Supersu Root android without PC for all devices. EASY, SECURE AND FAST!!!
Android Root methods for all smartphones and tablets, also it include Supersu and superuser checker tool

4. Supersu will be noticed.

* Don´t use KingRoot method for Android 6.0

* Includes all Root Android without PC methods and more.
* Basic information about root.
* Includes easier Roots methods not the KingRoot method.
* Advantages and Disadvantages.

This app lets you connect to our DATABASE OF ROOTING METHODS available for YOUR ANDROID phone or tablet.

This app is just a prank.

Lets you to find available rooting guides for your Android phone or tablet. It detects automatically the brand,model and Android version of your Android device. Furthermore, it includes a tool to LET YOU KNOW IF YOUR DEVICE IS ROOTED CORRECTLY.
Bug fixed

>>>Download Root All Devices – simulator 1.4 APK<<<

Root All Devices - simulator 1.4 screenshots 1Root All Devices - simulator 1.4 screenshots 2Root All Devices - simulator 1.4 screenshots 3

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Easy Download Chilligames: All in one Classic Arcade Mini Games 2.6.0 APK

Download Chilligames: All in one Classic Arcade Mini Games 2.6.0 APK

Do you enjoy playing old school games and all kinds of unique games? Do you want to enjoy all popular fun games in one app? Introducing Chilligames, the central for the most awesome minigames and videogames in one place. We have created over 50 small games for you based on the most beloved retro games and current popular fun games. Download and enjoy our game collection for FREE!

We have so many popular fun games easy that we guarantee you will find many videogames and unique games you will love. Our game collection has carnival games, retro games, gamebox puzzles, and all kinds of games easy. There are some old school games like. Love to play some carnival games like our Clown fun games easy? There are also some modern videogames like soccer or truck racing. If you want retro games or RPG we also have some awesome selections for you. The best thing about Chilligames is that you can enjoy gaming FREE! Sound fun isn’t it?

In the past, we have to carry some kind of console or gamebox just to play. Now we can install puzzles that we love on our smart phones. With our game collection app, you don’t even have to install all your favorite puzzles or RPGs one by one! Just install Chilligames to enjoy all fun games easy on ONE app.

★ Enjoy gaming FREE on your Android phone or tablet.
★ Install only ONE app to play all your favorite popular fun games!
★ Include many types of popular and unique games from various genre
★ Browse by Genre or pick a small game by tapping at the icon.
★ Beautiful and immersive game graphic.
★ All puzzles are professionally developed for your enjoyment.
★ Enjoy our fun games easy and the more challenging ones anytime you want.
Intuitive game control and smooth gameplay
★ Hours of hours of addictive gameplay and entertainment.
★ Frequently updated with new minigames!
Categories in our game collection are:
– Action
– Adventure
– Casual
– Puzzle
– Sports
– Strategy
– Brain Teaser
Enjoy minigames such as:
★ 2048
★ Slash the Fruits
★ Endless Runners
★ Match three puzzles
★ Euro Soccer
★ Bubbles
★ Platform retro games
★ Pixel old school games
★ Food Arcades
★ Fighting and shooting games
★ And so many more!
★ Fidget Spinner game
★ Bottle Flip game

Each minigame has different rules and gameplay, but you should be familiar with all of them already. Some of them require you to be fast and precise. Some of them require you to use your logic to solve the puzzles. However most games require you to have a couple of skills like fast reaction time and fast thinking to succeed.
If you’re addicted to playing fun games easy, you must try all the puzzles and challenges in Chilligames collection! Download and enjoy gaming FREE now!

From fidget spinner games to bottle flip games, and even racing games we have it all! Play some of our challenging games and brain teaser games to increase your difficulty. Collect monsters, battle zombies, and even race through a maze!

Enjoy the puzzles in our all in one gamebox? Please take a moment to rate and review our app on Google Playstore! We promise that we will always work hard to deliver the best minigames for you!
Want to learn more about us? Visit us at:
Banner ads have been removed while playing a game, White Screen on games issue fixed, App now enters full screen, 5 new games added, faster load to app

>>>Download Chilligames: All in one Classic Arcade Mini Games 2.6.0 APK<<<

Chilligames: All in one Classic Arcade Mini Games 2.6.0 screenshots 1Chilligames: All in one Classic Arcade Mini Games 2.6.0 screenshots 2Chilligames: All in one Classic Arcade Mini Games 2.6.0 screenshots 3

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Easy Download Futsal football 2018 – Soccer and foot ball game 1.7 APK

Download Futsal football 2018 – Soccer and foot ball game 1.7 APK

Are you a 3d football maniac? Do you have dream league football frenzy? If yes, Futsal football 2018 games will keep you engrossed and entertained. This well crafted 3dsoccer games is a great app which you keep your friends occupied on their fingertips for hours and all your dreams in ramadan 2018… comes true!!

Presently, the best free Futsal football 2018 games is available with four teams: Spain, Brazil, France, and Germany…but worry not, soon some more football teams will be added from all the 5 continent Europe, Australia, South and North America, Asia, and Africa like UK England, Japan, United States of America (USA), Canada, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Russia, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Korea, Netherland, Algeria, Morocco, etc. This is not the end of the list for Crazy play football 2018 fans like you, big football clubs like major football clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona FC, Barca fcb, Manchester United, Manchester Bars, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Cr7, Paris Saint Germain, Atletico de Madrid, AC Milan, Brazil Football, Juventus, Inter Milan, Raja Casablanca, Ahli, Zamalek, saolin socer, bundesliga, bavaria, psg, gio, bvb, budsliga, league mx, premiere league, realmadid, Guangzhou Yiyao will soon be available at your fingertips.

How to play:

You will have here a special button How to play, it will explain you the use the joystick and about the pass and goal shoot button to play kohl with your ultimate team and take a good offensive.

You can also play with the best football stars like nemar, neymr, robino, lukaku, niesta, new, dembel, pogba, griezman, grizman, nista, andrea pirlo, bale, xavier, xavi ronaldino, Neymar, Buffoon, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Muller, Kahn, Ribery, Puyol and the old best players Maradonna, Roberto carlos, Pele, Figo, Zidan , Zizou, Tevez, Lampard, Modric, Puppeteer, Kahn, Bekham, Tevez, Batistuta, Buffon,mbaper, jimnez, marradona, xavi, ronaldino , crocs, modric, cavni, surez, roneldo, mesi, renaldo, kora, koooora, euro football, fellaini and many other football stars.

The features of the app:

• Free real 3d football cleats game for young and adults: you will surely enjoy this crazy 3d real 3d footbal goal play on your android device,
• Vivacious and drastically animation, awesome HD graphics, and realistic game play will keep you enthralled,
entertaining sound effect is an extra attraction,
• You can play this top football goal 2018 game without Internet connection, you just have to download it and enjoy.
• The best footbal 2018 game kohl app is really addictive: it will keep you engaged for long time!
• You can share the kick goals and livescore with your friend on Facebook and Twitter.

Download your dreaming app now and start enjoying this super football cleats 2018 game! You will find it worth playing for entertaining your football mania. And we thank you all for your sponsorship.
Fixing small bugs

>>>Download Futsal football 2018 – Soccer and foot ball game 1.7 APK<<<

Futsal football 2018 - Soccer and foot ball game 1.7 screenshots 1Futsal football 2018 - Soccer and foot ball game 1.7 screenshots 2Futsal football 2018 - Soccer and foot ball game 1.7 screenshots 3

>>Download Futsal football 2018 – Soccer and foot ball game 1.7 APK<<<

Free Download Mouse Toggle for Android TV APK

Download Mouse Toggle for Android TV APK

Use your regular remote as a mouse. Add a mouse pointer mode to the remote control for Android TV.

NOTE: The original hardware remote control is REQUIRED for this app to function. Gamepads are NOT supported!

Use your regular remote as a mouse
Works just like a regular mouse that can click, long click, and drag.
Simple to toggle between regular remote and mouse modes.

1.) Android TV device(see below for supported devices).
2.) Stock / original hardware remote control.

Supported devices:
NVIDIA Shield TV (all models are supported including the new 2017 versions)
Nexus Player
Mi Box

Do you have an unsupported device? Please contact me with the model info you would like to add support for.

Please note that not all apps are supported but if you submit the app details via email this will help to improve the app for future updates.

This app uses Accessibility services.

Thank you
Adds support for additional remotes.
Bug fixes for Shield TV and Mi Box models.

>>>Download Mouse Toggle for Android TV APK<<<

Mouse Toggle for Android TV  screenshots 1Mouse Toggle for Android TV  screenshots 2Mouse Toggle for Android TV  screenshots 3

>>Download Mouse Toggle for Android TV APK<<<

Download Animal Face Changer 1.4 APK

Download Animal Face Changer 1.4 APK

Would you like to turn yourself into a funny animal? Well, now it is so easy to put cute animal faces on your own pics by using our new free app – Animal Face Changer! It’s time to do some hilarious photo editing! Thanks to the pack of amazing stickers for pictures you can edit pics and make such a photo montage by which everyone will be blown away! A few easy steps will take you to the best photo prank – download our face changer, take a selfie or choose some from the photo album and choose one from the animal head stickers to place on the image. How funny is that! Pull pranks all day long, take pics of your friends or pets and start the most interesting photo morphing. Our Animal Face Changer is waiting for you to offer you the best fun in the world, so download right away!

🙂 A really fun photo booth for great pranks!
(: Customize pictures with no effort at all!
🙂 Download an animal photo editor for free!
(: Take a picture or choose from the gallery!
🙂 Place animal head stickers on the face!
(: Adjust the size, rotate if needed!
🙂 Save your photo montage to the phone!
(: Send or share instantly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

What is your spirit animal? Try out the animal stickers this instant and find out! With a little help of Animal Face Changer a whole transformation of appearance is achievable! You can enter the animal world using only one simple “sticker photo editor” and enrich your phone or tablet with a photo collection of funniest face swap montages. Employ your new animal camera and see all that it can do! Without our “face changer” you can hardly show to the world what animal are you in your imagination, so do some face morph and exploit this sticker photo app to the maximum. Adjust your pics to the “photo templates”, put on some animal faces and share on social networks to see the reactions of your friends!


Do you need a fantastic photo editor which will make the funniest “photo montage with animals” of all? Great news, download Animal Face Changer and your problem is solved! A sticker app which is free and able to help you “animal yourself” is finally here. No additional funny frames and photo effects are needed. You can create hilarious animal wallpapers free with your selfie and our miraculous “photo editing software”. Your photo gallery can now be full of great pics, both yours and some of your friends’ too! It is a free face swap application, and it doesn’t require a test to see what animal you are – simply allow this “sticker app for pictures” to perform the action and your montage is ready!


A completely free face changer is at your disposal, check it out and see if it is the most efficient of all sticker picture art free apps. You don’t have to be an artist to make yourself look like a tiger or some of your friends like monkeys or elephants. Also, there is no need to make face in hole photo montages, a simple “animal face photo editor” is sufficient for you to perform the best “free photo editing” of your dreams. Pull pranks, use this face changer for fun and you will be the best showman at the birthday party of your friends! Check out our newest sticker photo editor right away, take a selfie, apply the funny stickers and adjust them to the picture to make hilarious picture montage! Hurry up, download “Animal Face Changer”, show it o your friends and then all of you can enjoy pulling pranks with your new free photo editor!
– Minor enhancements
– Performance improved
– Thank you for using our app, keep the feedback coming

>>>Download Animal Face Changer 1.4 APK<<<

Animal Face Changer 1.4 screenshots 1Animal Face Changer 1.4 screenshots 2Animal Face Changer 1.4 screenshots 3

>>Download Animal Face Changer 1.4 APK<<<

Free Download Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 APK

Download Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 APK

In Space Armada, you are the captain of an interstellar spaceship. Your galactic fleet starts out with a small cruiser, but as your space base develops, you’ll get to control battleships and even supermassive space cruisers!
Start with a small spaceship, but as your base grows and develops, you’ll graduate to commanding huge battleships and super-heavy spaceships. Battle in a galaxy on fire online with real opponents in the multiplayer Space Wars game mode, and develop your space fleet.


6 classes of spaceships and galactic starships!
Several classes of spaceship, from light frigates to supermassive cruisers!

Leagues and Leaderboards!
Players are divided into different leagues from bronze to diamond, depending on their level and skills!

Galactic team battle!
Space invaders! Fight side by side with other players in team-based galactic battles online!

Customize your cosmic spaceship!
100+ types of plasma galaxy guns and modules are available. You can even repaint your ship!

Over 20 galactic spaceships!
More than 20 different ships available, all with their own capabilities and features, including the Predator, Phoenix, Olympus, Soul Catcher and many others. Improve your skills and equipment, add turrets, missiles and special weapons!

Beautiful 3D graphics!
Perfectly detailed maps and spacecraft textures, enjoy galactic views of cosmic objects such as Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, asteroids and even galactic cities!

Space Armada The most dynamic space simulator yet, space battles between massive ships and small but sneaky frigates, each one controlled by individual players.

★★★ Fight for a place in a global league. Upgrade your fleet. Customize your ships, repaint them and improve their skills!

★★★ In-game lobby where you can chat with other players to share your successes and ideas!

★★★ Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you in online multiplayer games. This year’s best graphics and perfectly-matched audio will have you spending all your time playing Space Armada!

★★★ Awesome mobile space game with 3D graphics!

★★★ Our multiplayer PvP space shooter is completely FREE to download!

A galaxy on fire full of epic space battles needs a commander like you! Become a legend in this galactic space shooter! Let the spaceship battles begin!

Join our galactic community:
– correction of aiming problems
– solved the problem of crashes on launch on some devices
– characteristics of the ships are displayed according to their configuration
– darkening of the ships on some devices
– display of engines on the network
– increased speed of loading windows
– optimization
– bugfixes

>>>Download Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 APK<<<

Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 screenshots 1Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 screenshots 2Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 screenshots 3

>>Download Space Armada: Star Battles 2.1.330 APK<<<

Download Mak Cun’s Adventure 1.3.5 APK

Download Mak Cun’s Adventure 1.3.5 APK

From the developers that brought you Ejen Ali Emergency!

Mak Cun’s Adventure is a free and addictive cooking & fashion game that carries strong elements of entrepreneurship and an introduction to local items such as nasi lemak, char koay teow, kopi-o and ‘bedak sejuk’ (cold talcum).

Mak Cun’s Adventure allows you to enjoy the beauty of paddy fields and the beauty of a local Malaysian village and serve customers with traditional wear in the Boutique levels or cook up a digital storm with local recipes such as the infamous Nasi Lemak & Char Koay Teow in the Restaurant levels. Immerse yourself in this restaurant & fashion simulator as you manage the business and put smiles on customers’ faces. Help Mak Cun become a global phenomenon in her entrepreneurship pursuit to build a brand that grows from a rural village in Malaysia to a global name.

You’ll be serving delicious dishes to hungry customers in these mouth-watering stalls! Dash from level to level as you embark on this exciting adventure! You will discover and unlock new recipes as you progress on your journey. Attract more customers by upgrading your stall and kitchen utensils for a better gaming experience!

Exciting features in this restaurant simulator lets you:
– Build and manage a food stall
– Upgrade your appliances to speed up the food line
– Beautify your stall with elegant decorations
– Complete daily tasks to collect more coins

If you’re a fan of casual games or the drama series “Mak Cun” on TV3 or purely enjoy time management game with a Malaysian twist, this would definitely appeal to you!

– This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items or to unlock new levels
Bug fixes! New stall coming soon!

>>>Download Mak Cun’s Adventure 1.3.5 APK<<<

Mak Cun's Adventure 1.3.5 screenshots 1Mak Cun's Adventure 1.3.5 screenshots 2Mak Cun's Adventure 1.3.5 screenshots 3

>>Download Mak Cun’s Adventure 1.3.5 APK<<<